Celebratory Sorbet Champagne Floats

Sorbet Champaign Float

I know kids are going back to school soon, if they haven't already. According to the advertisements, it is fall already. But let's be real for a minute: last week it was above 100 degrees (F) three days in a row. It's HOT. Maybe elsewhere in the country, they are seeing the first signs of summer fading, but here, we are still deep in the dog days of summer. These are the days of staying indoors from noon until 3PM, because it's just too hot to go outside. The days of burning your hands on the steering wheel or your bare feet on the sidewalk. Of airy tank-tops sticking to every inch of skin and coming home drenched from the evening jog. But these are also the days of fresh watermelon, dripping popsicles, backyard grilling sessions, and frozen margaritas on the beach. Days of weddings, evening mixers in the garden and afternoon pool parties.

In that spirit, take a minute and think: what will make you the hero of any gathering during these warm days of celebration? A cold treat that is crisp, refreshing, and easy! No oven required!

Celebratory Sorbet Champagne Floats


  • Sorbet in 2 flavors (I used mango and raspberry)
  • Champagne
    • No need to splurge on the expensive stuff here, just find a bottle of white sparkling wine that's not too sweet.
    • Sub Italian soda for kid-friendly or non-alcoholic version
  • Fresh berries (I used raspberries and blackberries)
  • Sliced Almonds
  • Mini-chocolate chips (I used vegan ones)
  • Fresh mint (finely chopped or just the tiniest leaves)


  • Spoon a scoop of each kind of sorbet into a bowl or glass
  • Pour Champagne over the top (be careful not to pour too quickly or it will bubble over)
  • Top with berries, almonds, chocolate chips, and fresh mint.
  • Stick a spoon in it and ENJOY!


  • Feel free to mix it up with the toppings. Nut allergy? Skip 'em! Want to add shredded coconut? Go for it! Think it could use a cherry on top? Try it! I'd love to see some other variations, so send me a picture or post it in the comments!
  • Definitely pour the Champagne before adding the toppings, otherwise they tend to get lost and mixed up in the liquid.
  • If you're hosting, spoon out the sorbet into glasses or bowls before guests arrive. Store in the freezer. When you're ready to serve, pull them out and top with Champagne. Set out the toppings buffet style, so each guest can create their own masterpiece.
  • I prefer a dry (Brut or Extra Brut) sparkling white wine for this because of the sweetness of the other ingredients. Since you're not drinking it alone, don't feel like you need to splurge on a nice bottle. Once it's all mixed up, no one will know the difference.
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