New Beginnings

Several years ago I left my life as a ballet dancer and decided to take a new direction. It was a difficult decision, and for a long time I struggled to embrace both my past and my very new future. I held on to a lot of fear that loving my past meant regretting leaving it behind. I worried that I would wake up one day full of self-loathing that I had given up on my dreams. Slowly, I am realizing that day is never going to come. I may have made a decision to start over, to try new things, and to cultivate other skills and interests, but that doesn’t have to take away from my past success, nor does it mean that I failed as a dancer. I was a professional dancer. I “made it”. I was not the best (not by a long shot), but I was successful. I made my dream come true. Then I realized that I had so many other dreams that had gotten lost somewhere along the way. 

Every day I am finding new ways to build on my past instead of trying to ignore it. After letting one part of my life define me for so long, I am loving experimenting with what really defines me. I’m embarking on a new journey. I have no idea where it’ll take me, but I’m willing to find out.